August 12, 2020


🎤 TALLISKER is an artist from the electronic and contemporary scene in Rouen. The baroque elegance of the arrangements and the strong personality of the visuals make it a disconcerting artistic proposition. From her nomadic studio, she is preparing a project enriched with Persian tones in which her artistic signature can be found between expressiveness, femininity, cellos, spectral voices, panoramic landscapes, powerful bass - guaranteeing an aesthetic that is both baroque and futuristic.

Tallisker does not wait for the world to reinvent himself. This energy, this resilience, this innate breath of freedom, mixes the dynamics of classical music from Paris, Persian from Tehran and "urban" from New York and involves artists from these three cities. A committed career, an assertive style and an identified voice that she now intends to resonate and shine beyond regional and national borders. Tallisker will release the rest of this beautiful new project with his first album: Contrepoint.

🎶 MARTIN MEY is a jack-of-all-trades artist, folk and soul inspired, embellished with pop and electronica. Since he hummed his first melodies and sketched his first notes, he draws a red thread that starts from the heart and vibrates through the voice. A singular, clear, airy, embodied voice, one of those so rare that it manages to bring forth powerful beauty from pain.

Words (Without), Martin Mey's new creation, follows on from his work combining the melancholy of electro-folk influences and the spirit of communion. On stage, from the artist's solo performance between keyboards, machines and vocals, this same alchemy legitimately escapes between the prodigy of the intimate and the need for the shared moment. We get caught up in the game and we hum with him; each one becomes a central element of this pop, folk, electro, singular, solo and collective music. So, according to the energies, an intimacy is woven, shared by ample and quiet, elegant and powerful harmonies.