March 18, 2020

Hey, Hélène is talking to you! With the launch of Miaou Records 5 years ago, I put in place some tips to feel good while working from home. I hope these few tips can save you time, energy and above all help you a little.

⏳ Create a work routine, specific to each. For example, my routine is (in order): waking up, yoga, shower, breakfast & coffee, list of what I need to do during the day and work!
💦 It may sound silly but wash and get dressed! Even if it's a comfortable outfit, you take off your pajamas because (for me) it really plays on mood and efficiency.
🔎 Make a list of things to do by prioritizing the missions!
📆 How "before": organize your day with moments of work, leisure, sport, etc. Structuring your day helps you know where you are going and it allows you to keep a certain balance (and therefore avoid spending 24 hours working, or 10 hours on Netflix).
🍏 Force yourself to take 10min breaks from time to time: drink a tea, look out the window, stretch, etc. It helps oxygenate the brain and it feels good for the body.
💙 Create your workspace! No need to have a dedicated room, but having space helps to focus and create a bubble. You can put up a curtain, block a table on purpose, isolate yourself with headphones and music, etc.

You will have understood: the key word is ORGANIZATION. The hardest part is the start, but once the machine is started, it's good! Don't forget that all these are my tips, my way of working and organizing myself but these are only advice but I am sure that you will succeed in creating your own routine !