Will dee

Will dee

"La première fois que j'ai entendu la voix de Will Dee je m'en souviendrais toujours. FRISSONS." - Nico Guib

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Will Dee is a singer songwriter from the UK. He left home in Scotland aged 16 and lived in various cities round the UK, playing in bands and busking his own songs on the street, where he developed his unique, powerful voice, and dark song writing style in the vein of Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Johnny Cash.

He moved to Bordeaux seven years ago with a sound system and his guitars, and set up open mic nights in the various English and Irish pubs in the city. He sings with underground Bordelaise stoner rock group Negative Bifle, and also fronts the acoustic folk rock act, King Shivers.

A prolific songwriter, PARK is his first solo album, recorded live in Jardin Public, Bordeaux with US composer, producer and sound engineer, Langi Ro. It is the first of a planned trilogy of live albums, recorded in different outside sound spaces chosen for their unique acoustic qualities. He also has a solo studio album in the works with Tentacule Records.